Covid 19

The NHS advises that symptoms of the coronavirus are:

  • A Continuous cough
  • High Temperature
  • Loss of taste and smell

More information is available and recent updates at:

Please be assured that during these concerning times we are reminding and encouraging all of our children to adhere to good hygiene at all times.

We are singing songs at hand washing time ensuring the children are washing for at least 20 seconds. Hands are washed on arrival and departure to nursery, after sneezing coughing and blowing noses, after outside play, before meals and after going to the bathroom. We are encouraging children to catch their coughs and dispose of tissues. We are taking children’s temperatures on arrival. We are discussing with the older children about the corona virus and the 2m rule, helping them to understand what they will be hearing and seeing in the environment.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to ask us, we are more than happy to support at this time

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Our Caterpillar to Butterfly Journey

Our children experienced first hand the life cycle of a butterfly. This offered so many opportunities for the children to observe and discover the wonderful stages of the cycle.

World Book Day 2022

Trip to Newark Castle

During our Jack and the Beanstalk project, We observed that some of our children had never seen a real castle before. During half term we arranged a trip to Newark castle. Our children loved dressing up as knights and princesses and exploring the grounds.

Random Act of Kindness Week

As part of random act of kindness week our children visited local care homes in the community and gifted flowers and homemade pictures to make somebody smile . Home made pocket hugs and hand picked flowers where also given to our children’s loved ones.

Community Walks


Easter Activities

Celebrating Easter with our messy bunnies. April 2021.

Spring Planting

Planting and sowing in March 2021. Nurturing new life.

  • Seeds

Mansfield Refurbishment

New laminate flooring and carpets. Re-decorated and new resources throughout. January 2021.

  • Room floor view