Baby Room

Our water babies

6 weeks – 2years 1:3 Ratio

Our baby room’s accommodates babies from 6 weeks old with a focus on a nurturing, loving and calm environment with stimulating and sensory play. The constant and fluid conversations between parents/carer and the key person enable the family’s routines established at home to be continued during the nursery day. The baby sleep areas are available throughout the day along with feeding stations ensuring babies feeding routines are maintained in an area with high hygiene standards.

Tummy time, singing, stories and most important of all cuddles are at the hart of our baby rooms. Once ready, the babies will be given the encouragement to engaging in more adventurous and messy play such a body painting, water play, baked beans and a dip in the ball pool. Our staff are more the happy to receive telephone calls throughout the day to give you an update on your child’s day and let you know what fun they are having.

Toddler Room

Rubber ducks
The Water Wall

2 years – 3 years 1:4 Ratio

The transition from the baby room to the toddler room takes place over a period of time, giving both the child and parent/carer time to feel comfortable and secure with the move. In the toddler room children are involved in more challenging activities which include jigsaws, sand, water, painting, sticking, construction, role play and talking time around the children’s interest. The outside play areas are invaluable and are used as much as possible whatever the weather, we dress accordingly.

Independence is encouraged as part of the daily routine through praise, positive role modelling and providing opportunities where children can make choices moving freely between activities. Great emphasis is placed on encouraging children to develop their language skills through talking time, stories, singing and the use of buzz words.

Toilet training is introduced when you and your child are ready and our skilled staff will support your child to achieve this milestone with sensitivity, respect and the potty dance!

Pre-school Room

Dining Alfresco

3 years- 5 Years 1:8 Ratio

Our staff build on the skills and knowledge that the children have when they transition through to our Preschool. Children are encouraged to explore and discover in a hands-on learning environment both inside and out. Increased independence is encouraged within a tailor-made curriculum which incorporates the 7 Areas of Learning with in EYFS. Children form meaningful relationships with their peers and staff encouraged them to resolve differences through asking them to consider the feelings of others. Staff dicuss with children how their actions impact others and consider their response whilst staff are close by to offer support when needed. Staff quality interaction and the key person system allows the children to expand on their knowledge and develop the social skills, independence and confidence needed for their finally transition to school. 

As a nursery we welcome support and guidance from outside agencies and other early years professionals with the aim to provide the best comes for all our families.